Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seward in January!

It's a beautiful winter day in Seward Alaska.
Like most of the state Seward received a lot 
of snowfall over the last few days.

The snow was very wet and heavy.

Everything looks so fresh and clean with all the new white snow.

The water in the boat harbor has frozen and many of the boats 
will need to be cleaned off by their owners
to keep them from getting too heavy.

The snow came down so fast that the plows didn't have time to
remove all the snow from the streets. The piles of snow are now frozen 
solid packs of ice.

All the surrounding mountains are going to be dangerous when
the temperatures warm up.  I'm sure there
will be a multitude of avalanches.

The wet snow has frozen onto the trees  
turning the highway out of Seward into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Really spectacular views abound all around!

Every direction you look there is another breathtaking view.

And more snow filled trees along the road...

And lakes that have become frozen wastelands.

After a nice day in Seward...there is the reward of a great
sunset in Cook Inlet as we head back
to Anchorage.

Alaska is really an amazing place!!
Our days are getting longer...our sunsets are no longer at 4:00 in the
afternoon.  We are gaining minutes daily,
but spring for us is still months away.

That gives me a lot more time to enjoy the beauty of Alaska's Winter.


  1. Hi Chris, wow Alaska is an amazing place, and the photos are just stunning. Thank you for sharing, Tam x

  2. I can hardly grasp the beauty of these photos...just spectacular! We will be getting some of the remains of your weather within the next few days. xo

  3. Chris Ohhh ..... that picture amazing!
    What wonderful places we have
    shown, seems enchanted land.
    Congratulations and a hot hug
    Susy x

  4. Just beautiful ,your pictures always make me fall in love again!!

  5. It all looks so so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Chris.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  6. Liebe Chris
    Deine Bilder sind wunderschön! Ein traumhaft schöner Winter wie aus dem Bilderbuch!
    Einen guten Start in die neue Woche wünscht Dir Yvonne

  7. Oh my!!!
    I shouldn't complain about our frost and freezing cold weather then!
    Such a magical scenery, so envious!
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog!
    Michela x

  8. Chris, isn't that just the best trip ever. With my Mother who lived there for 30+ years, it is never less than a "wonder" when I see such beautiful photos. We are truly blessed to live in such a marvelous state. Hugs - YES - we will play "artist" this summer. Karen

  9. Thats so amazing this space, i mean our Mountains are also nice but here i can see , nature is for his one.
    Sorry about my english dear Chris
    Ich meine die Macht die diese Bilder ausstrahlen, so wundervoll. Eine Tages möchte ich das mal selber sehen.

    Danke für diese Impressionen
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche

  10. So much beauty in these pictures Chris. Alaska is really a gorgeous place for sure!
    Your blog is such a lovely place to visit.

  11. Liebe Chris
    Vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende und grüsse Dich herzlichst Yvonne