Monday, January 30, 2012

More Snowshoe Walks And Gardening in -13 Below

I ventured out on another below zero trek this weekend.  This
time I wore my snowshoes and that made getting around so much
easier!!!  No more waist high snow to plow through!

The trees on the river were still coated with thick blankets of
ice fall.   This thick coating of frost made them look so magical.

We did have a dusting of new snow, so the wild celery stalks were even
more beautiful this weekend.

  I followed several sets of moose tracks
on my hike, but I never ran into them.

After my hike by the river, I went over
towards Quartz Creek.  Off in the distance the sun
was shining on one of the surrounding mountains.  

Kenai Lake on a cold day with a hint of sunshine!

One part of the lake by the mouth of Quartz Creek had a slight opening.  
Here two ducks were busy diving for fish.  They were very 
wary of me.  Each time I tried to get closer they would either dive 
or fly off.  Each time they would fly in a big circle overhead, then land if I backed away
from their one lonely opening in the lake.  I decided not to
disturb them, winter is hard enough without me 
bothering them.  

By then my light was fading fast, so I set out for home.

Before I called it a day, I did some quick winter gardening.  
The snow in my area is so deep that I needed my snowshoes.
I wrapped the trunks of my fruit trees earlier in the fall, but now
with all the snow the exposed parts that were unreachable were now easy
prey for these nibbling pests.
I needed to get more tree wrap on before they decide to girdle the trees. 

Yep, that's a true Alaskan for you, gardening at minus 13 Below zero!! 


  1. Fabulous, fabulous images. I love them. xx

  2. Love your pictures!!

  3. What a fantastic walk.The cold didn't bother me a bit as I sit in my warm room with the computer.Gorgeous scenery.Thanks for sharing this.Have a beautiful day.

  4. Yep, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, Chris... Kudos big time. I "vegged" all weekend and you are out there getting amazing photos. Well, it has warmed up to 7F and snowing, of course; white out conditions now. Can't wait to get together. Love and hugs from the Kenai. Karen

  5. Dear Chris,

    your winter pictures are absolutely beautiful.
    Last week we thought spring is coming because the spring blooms comes out but today is the first day with snow here. My two doggies love it. But it is very cold too and I´m freezing and I´m so tired. The last days I was very ill and I´m not really healthy again. But I have much work in my two jobs and to less time for other things as always.

    Enjoy the snow on walkings and then enjoy a cup of tea in your cozy home.

    Have a good time,

  6. After seeing you 'gardening' in the snow, I think I'd better quit complaining about being out in the plain old rain! Your photos are beautiful, as usual! xo

  7. The blue of the river and the white snowy trees make a wonderful visual combination. I can't image such bitter cold.

  8. So beautiful, but I'm loving our new warmer temps...I'm dreaming of summer!

  9. Oh my goodness it is so beautiful and I love seeing you in your snow shoes! The third photo is so so beautiful. I just love it.

  10. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I am glad to hear your headache is gone! We are having temperatures up to -23 this weekend. I had to think of you and Heidi straight away. It's cold for Holland, but it must be normal winter temperatures for you!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Madelief x

  11. What a beautiful place you live in. I could feel the chill but also the clearness and simplicity. The sun behind the mountain was amazing, so calm and peaceful. Wonderful! Thank you.