Monday, March 4, 2013

Iditarod 2013

Iditarod 2013 is now underway!  The teams left Anchorage on a foggy 
Saturday morning.

As they raced down the gauntlet of spectators there was 
time enough for high 5's!!

The dogs love to run and all the mushers equip
each dog with a set of leather booties.
safety first!!!

One of the best hats of the day was on this Alaskan.
A fur hat made with a black bear head addition.
These fur hats are very common around town when 
the Iditarod heads to town.

 When leaving Anchorage every musher can
have a guest along in the sled.  
Individuals can pay a lot of money for this privilege.

Beside beautiful hats there are also magnificent 
parkas. Many of these parkas have been handed down
in native families.  They are very cherished items for those who own them.

 This photo below shows some detail on a vintage Mouton coat.  
I had one of these as a child.  Super warm, but heavy.

Over the last few years the Iditarod has become one of
the best winter festivals in the world.  
Every year the crowds become bigger.

And the fur headgear more abundant.

In the end it's really all about the dogs
They are amazing animals.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes.
Like this little guy from Canada, check
out his tiny shovel!!!  Cute!

The start displays country flags of those competing in this years event.
Yes, there is a team from Bermuda!!

It's a photographers dream setting!!

I love this little group of professionals. 
Documentation is everything!
Many of them will continue the journey to Nome with the mushers.

Here's what they were looking at....

A photo of a sled...
pretty lightweight for the start in Anchorage.
Little bit bigger sleds will leave at the second start in Willow.
Some of those sleds have little seats that can be pulled out
when the mushers get tired.
Home sweet home for the trip to Nome.

There are many events in town including a fur auction and a carnival.

And did I mention, fur hats...

Hope you enjoyed the visit.  
Follow the mushers on line and google the Iditarod.
It's a wonderful event to help shorten our long winters.

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  1. Thank you Chris, for this awesome documentary! Very cool! (pun intended...) ;-)
    I especially loved the picture of the dogs with their tongues sticking out and their booties on!