Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little White Arctic Hare

I spotted this cute little white Arctic Hare today on my afternoon walk.
The weather has been above freezing, so a lot of our snow has melted away.
I'm actually hopeful that the snow will stay away, but when I look at this
little white hare he brings me back to reality.
His beautiful white coat is a sure sign more snow is on the way!!  


  1. Oh my, cuter than cute! Those short stubby ears! ;-)

  2. OOhh, that is the cutest thing ever! Thank for your lovely comments and good luck with the giveaway. Tam x

  3. Your posts are always so full of nature's beauty! I don't think I have ever before seen an Artic Hare.

    Does this little bunny have long legs like some other hares?

    Best wishes.

  4. Yes they have really long hind legs!!! Great for quick get aways, LOL!