Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter day!!
It's a very snowy day here in Alaska,
but the wild rabbits are having fun eating
the green lawn shoots.

A tiny area of green grass has surfaced due to the warmer weather, 
and they are taking advantage of it.

These photos were taken this morning before we had
another big burst of snow come through. 
Their exposed grass areas are now covered again by a good inch or
two of snow.  No wonder they were in such a hurry to fill their stomachs 
with fresh grass this morning.  

When the rabbits were here we also had a 
 cute Gray Jay stop by for a visit.

Again Happy Easter to all of you!!!


  1. Those rabbits look super fluffy.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family Chris. Have a beautiful and blessed day. The "snaps" are great, as always. We have sunshine and blue sky now, after snow on and off throughout the day. Hugs. Karen

  3. I adore that last shot of the bunnies. Our "wild" bunnies are tame ones whom people have let go of....they look just like the ones in cages....I like yours. They are all scruffy in their winter coats and look cute.

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  5. Hi Chris
    wunderful Pictures the Bunnys are beautiful. Hope you had a happy eastern. Hugs Stephanie

  6. Your rabbits are so cute...The fur is so much longer than our bunnies, good thing since you are still getting snow. - Have a wonderful week! xo

  7. Awww... very pretty Rabbits!