Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of My Visit to Seward Last Weekend...

On my last weekend of Spring Break, I made a trip to Seward Alaska.
I love to go beachcombing, so whenever I get the chance I head 
that way to relax and explore.

The beach has so many treasures awaiting discovery that never
cease to spark my interest.

Colorful tangled seaweeds and perfect fish skeletons
caught my eye.

The tide was out during my walk so there was a bounty 
of wonderful things to look at.

The sea weed was exposed from it's watery bed...

And little patches of color brought a boost to my snow filled days.

Limpets numbered in the thousands and were 
numerous on the rocks and their small crevasses.

Off in the distance Harlequin Ducks stayed away from my advances on shore.

I also saw an eagle, a mountain goat, and a sea otter off in the distance.
I love walking on the beach..

It doesn't matter to me where it is, it's always fun to explore!!


  1. lovely images....I want some Lupine to pop up and maybe a little fireweed....I would be happy to see the first green leaf!!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful captures, Chris. Need to get to Seward to visit Abiud and get an adjustment (smiles). And, always always so many places to stop along the way and while there to take photos of. You did a great "shoot" as always. Your photos are wonderful. Hugs from Kenai. Karen

  3. It is beautiful there! Way different from Washington DC where I am! I love walking by the shore, too. In MD on the Chesapeake Bay I've found hundreds of shark teeth - in the dinosaur days the Bay was much more tropical and sharks swam in the Chesapeake, lots of sharks. There's lots of teeth. I've also found pieces of old coral, too. Although there's no live coral in that bay anymore! It's kinda fun to see what you'll find by the water.

  4. Hi!
    Thanks to visit my dutch Blog....nice to meet people from far away.
    While here its getting Spring- You've still snow there.
    Your pictures also are very beautiful!
    Think you also search your easterneggs in the snow???Or is it too cold for the easternbunny???
    greetings from Fleur

    1. Thanks for your comment Fleur!!! The Easter egg hunts will have to be in the snow. This is actually pretty normal for us. We are starting to warm up, but our daytime temperatures are only in the mid 30's and 40's. We are all very anxious for summer!!!
      Chris :o)