Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Here is a sampling of my heart rock collection.  My favorite rock is the 
top gray rock that has a perfect little heart cutout.  
I found that rock while walking on a beach in Oregon.

It was so warm this last weekend.  I felt like I was in
the tropics at 42 degrees. 
I know that might still be cold for some of you, but for an 
Alaskan it's a major heat wave!  
Especially in February!!

There is still a lot of snow everywhere, but there were tiny
little islands of green trying to escape their wintry beds.

As I made my way down to the lake I spotted
a down Eagle feather caught on a lake shore pine.


 The trunk of this Aspen caught my eye.
I love the colors and texture!!!

I was in heaven with all the green foliage.
It's been such a long winter and my eyes
were searching for these lovely islands of green!

Walking in the tropics of a 42 degree 
Alaskan day in February was
sheer joy!

I hope you all have a wonderful
Valentine's Day!!!

Enjoy it with someone you love!!!


  1. Thanks for the wishes,but I have no one to share the day with.I enjoyed joining you on the walk to find islands of green.

  2. Chris I love your heart rocks and that soft feather nestled in the branch.....Happy Valentines day!

  3. Hellooo Chris!
    I haven't been here for a long while...but I'm glad I stopped by ;-0
    LOVE your heart rocks, how unique!l
    i understand you, about seeing pockets of green & colour & new life. Nothing is melting yet here in Sweden, but I love the anticipation of knowing that Spring is just around the corner and all that affords.
    Glad Allas Hjartans Dag

    1. IT was so sad, it snowed since my last now everything in covered by a blanket of snow!! Spring was just teasing me. Hope it gets warmer for you soon!
      Chris :o)

  4. Beautiful photographs Chris! We don't have plants like this in Holland. Wish you a Happy Valentine's day too.

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  5. I so enjoy your posts, Chris; love all your photos and now your beautiful collections. Can't wait to do some "art playing" this summer hopefully - no one to do it with here where I live! Hugs. Karen

  6. Lovely photos! My favorite one is the hearts. It is always a treat to find a rock the shape of a heart.

  7. Chris - we haven't heard from you in a while - I hope everything is OK!

    1. Paula I put up a new post just for you! Thank you for thinking of me...totally sweet!!!! I have been busy at work and just doing everyday things!!
      Hugs to you!!!
      Chris :o)